“Any business can save money with Meercat with their easy to use procurement service. We did and are delighted with how little time it took to make big savings.”


Redfords, Newcastle

“To be seen as an effective and intelligent BID, we quickly sought to engage
a company who could offer support in an area of significant challenge to our businesses; that of utility costs.

Our thought process was that if we could do nothing else, we could perhaps save businesses the value of their BID levy and therefore minimise the perceived impact of the BID Levy. Naturally our investigations saw us engage with a range of companies, most of whom were little interested in our needs as a BID. That is where Meercat won us over.

They know BID world and appreciate what we are under pressure to deliver and they do it with a model that seeks to support BIDs in the most effective way. Their engagement has seen significant identified savings of over £100,000, in a very short time. That has been a real eye opener and one which we can really start to convert to actual savings.”
David Tomalin, BID Manager, Lichfield BID

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