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Business Support

‘How To’ start up or grow a business

The ‘How To’ Business Support Programme provides hands-on knowledge and expertise to get to the heart of your everyday business issues, and provides real, actionable business solutions.

No fluff. No dodging the questions. Just straight to what you need to know, how to do it and what to do next.

We believe we give high quality business support that helps you generate new income and become more agile and resilient to head-off today’s problems and maximise tomorrow’s opportunities.

Just for you

We know from experience that there’s no one-size-fits all approach to running a successful small business. That’s why we’ve created this programme to help entrepreneurs run their businesses smartly and efficiently, by completing each of these five modules:

  • Strategy – model the business and action planning
  • Sales & Marketing – find customers and win sales
  • Operations – become agile and resilient
  • People – build a winning, happy team
  • Finance – raise and manage money

Cliche – business is about time and money.
We agree, but it’s also about people.

Up for the challenge?

Each module will question the way the way you work to see if there’s a better way of doing things, and if they’re just starting out, the programme will help them set up your business systems without you wasting lots of time and money.

You’ll use tools for a modern age, like AI technology to help you present yourself to the wider world and keep a check on your business while you’re meeting customers or fast asleep at night!

But don’t worry if you’re not tech-minded, we’ll help you every step of the way, at your pace and your level. And what’s more, the tools we’ll show you are either free of charge or low-cost!

You’ll be supported by our team of seasoned advisors. They’ve literally been there, seen that and most are still wearing the t-shirt! They know their stuff and are passionate about helping people develop themselves and their businesses. The knowledge they have accumulated of winning and losing in business is priceless. And this depth of knowledge is available to you in a friendly, supportive manner to help you take the many next steps on your journey to success.

Each module will challenge the way they currently work and see if a better way can be implemented. If they’re just starting up, the programme will help them set up their business systems without wasting time or money. The use and adoption of digital tools help them take action immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand the complexities and sensitivities of dealing with businesses and operate a strict Code of Conduct.

We have been doing this for many years and only use the data for the purposes it is intended for, following our Code of Conduct and GDPR.

We have a skilled team of seasoned experts used to contacting business owners and managers so they can become aware of your services and how they can access them. This is important, pains-taking work where blanket emails and mailings are ineffective.

We will agree the key principles, priorities and actions in our project proposal and this will include how and when you wish us to report to you. Our objective is always to take the strain, so you can concentrate on other key priorities and deadlines.

No. Our community engagement work is very important to us with trust at the heart of everything we do. Reducing costs is of paramount importance to businesses and Meercat is very good at doing it. However, we will only introduce this service with your explicit permission where you want to introduce it as an ‘added value’ benefit to your members or business community.

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